• Licensed characters of some Dolci Preziosi easter eggs and surprise chocolate eggs
    It's the time of the heroes!
    All the colors
    of your next surprise!
  • Licensed characters of some Salati Preziosi easter eggs and surprise chocolate eggs

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Preziosi Food is the food company which caters buyers of the unplanned meal market with sweet and savory snacks, including Easter eggs, little eggs and chips, branded "Dolci Preziosi" and "Salati Preziosi". In these pages you will find all the informations about Preziosi Food, its brands, its types and product lines and licensed gadgets dedicated to the most famous characters of the world of entertainment (TV series, animation, movies, music) and sports.

Our brands

Using Italian factories industrially monitored and certified according to the regulations, Preziosi Food takes care of the production of sweet and savory snacks of various kinds and types, sold to the public respectively with brands Dolci Preziosi and Salati Preziosi.

A world of kindness and good and secure games.

Preziosi Food is the ideal partner for a competitive and attractive offer. Discover the company.

Discover the goodness of Preziosi Food

Dolci Preziosi and Salati Preziosi snacks marketed by Preziosi Food are made with quality ingredients and controlled and certified industrial processes.

Dolci Preziosi is a Preziosi Food trademark, the new alimentary reality prominent in power and revenue belonging to Grani & Partners SpA, which holds 60% stake.

The brand Salati Preziosi identifies a wide range of savory snacks to suit all occasions, that appeals to consumers of all ages: chips with surprise and not differentiated into various types (classic, grilled, rich, light), extruded, crunchy, pellets and popcorn.

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