Preziosi Food

The Salty snack factory
in southern Italy

Production of crunchy crisps and tailor-made snacks

Innovative technology for savoury snacks

Providing customers and consumers with a high quality, safe and controlled product: Preziosi Food invests every year in production and the acquisition of new technologies that enable our products to meet the highest standards.

Salati Preziosi

Crisps and savoury snacks with a surprise

Salati Preziosi produces a wide range of snacks for all occasions and all ages – from crisps with a surprise to classic and flavoured ones, from corn snacks to popcorn to many other new products. We are all over Italy in cafés and in the best supermarkets of the large-scale retail trade!

When sustainability is crunchy!

Salati Preziosi is the only crisp brand in Italy to use a 100% compostable crisp pack that can be recycled in wet or organic waste. Casereccia is the first crisp that respects the environment!

Quality, innovation and crunchiness
since 1998

Since 1998, Preziosi Food has been designing salty snacks and crisps, maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety, respecting the environment and entertaining children with safe and controlled surprises.