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About Us

Preziosi Food Company

Preziosi Food has become the new alimentary pole that boasts a dominant position in the market of the outside meals in the context of impulse buying for children and teens (4-12 years).

Preziosi Food is therefore the winner merger between two of the strongest brands in its target market.

The success of Preziosi Food products derived by the high quality of the food, always packed in very attractive design packaging and the high perceived value that characterizes the gadgets matched to them.

The Preziosi Food surprises, in fact, like to all children, because they are based on the characters of the most successful in the world of entertainment (TV series, cartoons, movies, music, games), and satisfy all the parents, because they are always officially certified "safe toys" by the Italian Institute for Toy Safety.

Preziosi Food invests its resources in Research and Development, relating the technologies used, the alimentary products and the choice of licenses in relation to market changes.

Manufacturing flexibility and an evolved and service-oriented logistic, combined with a new commercial strength enhanced and unified for the brand Salati Preziosi, make Preziosi Food able to offer to Trade a high level of service, with complementary products from the seasonal sales throughout the year.

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