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Company Certifications

Extremely high qualitative levels of the products

For Preziosi Food is a duty always contact a certified quality partner for the production of snacks Salati Preziosi and gadgets with them combined.

The establishment Preziosi Food meets the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 to ensure complete customer satisfaction and UNI EN 22005: 2008regulation to ensure full traceability of the finished product.

Even the establishments engaged in the production of sweet snacks are all Italian and industrially controlled or partners with business processes always certified.

Preziosi Food boasts as for Salati Preziosi a high degree of quality and compliance with major regulations.

Exclusive supplier of gadgets surprise is Grani & Partners, Preziosi Food company leader in the promotional sector.

In turn Grani & Partners constantly monitors both suppliers business, both outgoing products to ensure only the highest quality. It has also signed a important two-year agreement with the Italian Institute for Toy Safety for testing and official certification of 100% of the safety of his articles (for more information visit the Security surprises of this site).

The very high qualitative levels of the products, the deep knowledge of the target and the constant research and development are as well strong points of Preziosi Food and Salati Preziosi brands.

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