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Feeding without risk

The selection of Preziosi Food products branded Salati Preziosi has the merit of allowing a complete experience, both in terms of play and feeding without risks, even to all celiac patients (children and not), who frequently struggle to find on the market snacks for them edible.

Salati Preziosi procures packed gluten free potatoes*: who is intolerant or allergic can rest assured, because to make them Salati Preziosi strictly follows a dedicated production process.
Salati Preziosi potatoes were in fact assessed as suitable for celiac by the Italian celiac Disease (AIC), which entered into of its Handbook.

The purpose of this publication is to give those who have to follow a strict gluten-free diet, as coeliacs and those in dermatitis herpetiformis, one more tool to avoid traces of gluten potentially present in some food categories.

The companies included in the handbook claim suitability of their products for coeliac patients, taking into account not only of the ingredients used, but also the possible contamination during all phases of production (storage, processing, packaging, etc.).

With Salati Preziosi also celiac children can eat and enjoy the surprises dedicated to their favorites, just like all their peers!

And the store will benefit from a significant competitive advantage.

*You can find the full list of our gluten free packed potatoes on the Salati Preziosi website.

Dolci Preziosi chocolate surprise eggs are suitable for celiac people as established by the Italian Celiac Disease Association

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