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With Salati Preziosi brands, Preziosi Food distributes various kinds of sweet and salty snacks, many of them based on licenses of celebrities from the world of entertainment (TV series, cartoons, movies, music) most loved by children and young people.

What makes the Preziosi Food products something unique on the market is therefore this: foods based on recipes and ingredients of the highest quality combined with gadgets certainly appeal to children and teenagers, who always, in three out of three cases, found within packs of strong impact, also this fundamental prerogative in the product market pulse, their favorites, ready to stimulate their imagination and drag them to new adventures. A plus no small feat appreciated - along with carefully selected raw materials - from all parents, who are constantly seeking new and original ways to feed their children better if possible making them also entertain.

The brand Salati Preziosi characterizes chips packaged in packs of 30 g or 100 g multipacks and always combined with a surprise based on the property most loved by children and teenagers, identified - as well as those of the sweet products - in response to specific market studies on the target audience.

"Salati Preziosi" is also synonymous of no-licensed product and therefore cheaper although always top quality, like classic chips, grilled and flavored, packaged in different formats dedicated to the family or outside the home, and salty snacks such as extruded crunchy, pellets and popcorn.

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