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Security Surprises

Quality and safety guaranteed

Ensuring the safety of our products is a primary duty of all companies towards consumers and one of the basic policies of Preziosi Food is precisely to do test and certify gadgets paired to Salati Preziosi snacks. Exclusive supplier of Preziosi Food surprises is Grani & Partners, a subsidiary of Preziosi Food and leader in the promotional sector who recently signed with the Italian Institute for Toy Safety a two-year collaboration.

According to the agreements, the IISG, central organization credited to the European Commission, provides advice and technical assistance both during the design and production for the attainment of 100% of the safety for all products. Before being placed on the market, the Articles of Grani & Partners are subject to stringent laboratory tests, developed to ensure the physical security, mechanical, chemical and flammability of toys, with a control of the product at 360 ° which is flanked also inspections at suppliers and production sites.

With Preziosi Food quality and safety are therefore 100% guaranteed: buying licensed Salati Preziosi products, buyers have articles from very innovative concept, based on the winning combination of foods with high nutritional and surprises 100% safe, with the advantage of avoiding the risk of withdrawal from the market and to significantly improve the offer to the final consumer.

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