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Manufacturing plants

Salati Preziosi Plants

All snacks licensed and not, branded Salati Preziosi are produced exclusively at the Preziosi Food Ltd. establishment in Melfi (PZ).

Preziosi Food occupies an area of about 12,000 square meters and is able to produce about 400,000 bags of product per day thanks to the following plants and packaging lines:

Main plants:

Chips frying Line: 1800 kg / h

Extrusion Production line: 650 kg / h

Popcor Production line: 250 kg / h

Crunchy production Line: 250 kg / h

Frying Pellets Line: 300 kg / h

Kettle cooking line: 250 kg/h

Packaging line:

9 vertical packaging machines with multi-head scales

1 multipacks packaging machine

Packaging and palletizing machines

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