Preziosi Food is also Sustainability

We love the planet as much as we love our crisps.

That's why we design snacks that are made the right way – from field to pack, we're always on the side of the planet!

energy waste and CO2 emissions
tonnes of food waste for biogas production per year
tonnes of plastic per month

The future is compostable!

Currently, almost all crisp packets carry the letters PP, which means recyclable in plastic. It is estimated that in 30 years' time, most of our seas will be invaded by plastic.

Preziosi Food has decided to produce the first 100% compostable packet of crisps for Casereccia, abandoning plastic and ensuring less impact on the environment.

Casereccia's 100% compostable bag can be recycled in wet and organic waste and after 3 months becomes compost (TUV Austria certified) useful for agriculture.

We don't waste energy, we recover it!

We have optimised our processes to recover 30% of energy through heat exchangers, thus generating hot water and heating, not forgetting the daily recovery of potato peels and non-compliant crisps which become biomass for the production of alternative fuels.